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Testing. Does my twitter link…   Leave a comment

Testing. Does my twitter link work? Did my wordpress update work?


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I am back online   Leave a comment

Moved to a new server,  and had issues… I think we’re all good now

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This website and wireless networking

I have a wireless card on this server, and it’s been less than stellar. I have to log in often to get it to connect. So, I finally gave up and am now connecting it to my little network using a wire and have disabled the wireless card. I hope this is more reliable.
Well, it’s been about a week now, and I have had no stability problems (that I know of). Oh, well, guess the wireless idea wasn’t so good for a completely un-attended PC.

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Wordpress add-in MobilePress   Leave a comment

installed mobilepress for wordpress

and changed the mobile title to include mobile. I am not positive it’s that much better, but it did work. Using default theme

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BBmetablog – posting to wordpress from a blackberry curve   Leave a comment

Hope it works!

YES, IT DID!  I found this link on the internet :

and she’s exactly right.  I did a search for bbmetablog instead of using her link, but it’s all the same… I am a little leary of storing my password in my cell phone, but I guess with all the other personal info on there, whats one more thing?

Open the link below from your cell phone’s browser:

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Well, since my last good idea for a domain name is now for sale somewhere, and I won’t tell you because I don’t want to promote “cyber squatting”, I finally came up with another name.

I heard a comedian once say that someone was “a real Albert Eisenhower” (ie, not too bright). So, I registered it today. For now, all it does is forward to here, and maybe that’s all I will ever do, but what the heck. Only $10.

So, here you go:

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24 Great Open Source Apps for Admins & Technicians   Leave a comment

Such a great link I didn’t want to loose it:

Note to self – check up on is an automated software deployment, upgrade and removal program for Windows.”

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