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courion tip – lotus connector   Leave a comment

To get the ibm – lotus – cnctr to appear, install lotus note and add the path to the system. (Of course, you have to be licensed for it) Yes, it’s in the documentation, but we somehow forgot that.

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courion tip – help desk workflow   Leave a comment

It finally occured to me that we could incorporate a random password generator into th support staff password workflow. This saves them thinking up one, or using someone else gemerator and we have some control over what is used.
The code I am using uses an array – so I took out all vowels to prevent accidentally spelling something. I also took out the number one, the letter l (both of which could be visually confused), the number 0, the letter O (same reason). And, since our rules don’t require it, all upper case letters and symbols.
The results are good so far – it meets our rules + the help desk can reliable read it to the caller.
Implemented as a custom macro

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Flock test

I just installed FLOCK ( and, well, sorry, I have to test it.


Here we are over a month later, and, to be honest, I just don’t find it that compelling. I keep drifting back to “good old – good old” known software (firefox/safari). Maybe if the social sites were a bigger part of my life, Flock would be great. It just seems to fill a need I don’t have.

Blogged with the Flock Browser

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Blackberry WordPress app   1 comment

I just went to the blackberry app world, and noticed a wordpress app. Just kind of kicking the tire on it, but so far so good

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Password Management

I’ve “installed” the portable version and then put that to sync on my Microsoft Live Mesh account. Hopefully, I will now have  a copy of KeePass that I can use on all of my PC’s with no synch issues..

Update… Watched Security Now about LastPass and am seriously considering that instead..

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Suricata Engine – Open Source Next Generation Intrusion Detection and Prevention Engine

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Dell Vostro

What I didn’t know is that you (sort of) need to pick a mac to emulate. Apple SMBIOS rev 27 seems to be the secret

Scroll down to post #20:


 Mayne says:

May 2, 2009 at 5:25 am

*************IATKOS 10.5.5 SUCCESSFUL ON DELL VOSTRO 1500 (intet GM965 Chipset) ****************************

Install leopard on your lappy and select your packages. For keypad & keyboard to work, install the X86 ACPI packeges. When completed installation DO NOT RESTART. Load up terminal then type: cd /Volumes/(hdd name)/Systems/Library/Extentensions, hit enter. delete all 5 GMAX files with the command: rm -rf (GMAX FILES). Reboot and complete installation. Everything works except sound, you will get a native video of 1024×768…dont worry! Download the dellpackages USE ONLY THE V1.3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Install the X1300 ONLY!!!!! follow instructions and REBOOT. You will get a black screen with a visible arrow…DONT WORRY. Reboot, press F8 the type: -x -v. Download and install the LeopardGraphicsUpdate 1.0 and install it with Pacifist. Replace all GMAX files. Reboot and have fun!!!!!! Install the sound with the DellPackages V1.3 ONLY. Use the 9205 package.

What works?:

Video of 1280×800

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keyboard problems’t+work

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