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Courion Tip – T-SQL string parsing

Here’s the scenario… I have to generate SNC user names from the user profile table. I was told that it starts with a p:, and that the domain part of the email address HAS to be upper case. So, for instance would have an SNC name of p:dummy.user@EXAMPLE.COM

Here’s the custom macro I came up with:

select 'p:'+
where EMP_ID =


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Courion Tip – Handling large files


in “D:\Program Files\www\utils\ConfigMigration\utils.asp”

Try setting this to larger values

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Windows user profile


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Forensic ISO images


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Courion Tip – HTML, Javascript and Whitespace

The issue was that the screens had a lot of extra spaces in them after a number of javascripts were implemented. When you went to the page, there was text at the top, then a number of blank lines, then more text. If you did a view source in Internet Explorer, you would see a number of paragraph marks and line breaks, but I could not determine where they were coming from.

Here’s what the Form Instructions (under Change, Unique Resource data) looked like (I deleted the text part as it wasn’t needed to illustrate my point):

Here’s the visually – UN – appealing version, but it doesn’t generate the unwanted whitespace – just to be completely clear, it’s ALL strung together into one line….

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Key tweak

Note to self … Check out key tweak for windows 7

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