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Courion Tip – Keep your staging tables for the auditors.   Leave a comment

Every night, we truncate our staging tables. Then we import a list of users from target systems to those staging tables, then process them to figure out who has accounts on what systems.  That’s not what I am talking about here.

What if we took that staging table every night and appended it to another table, and added a date/time stamp column??

That way, we would have a list of what users had accounts on what systems over the entire year. The auditors are excited about this, and I will be implementing it soon.


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iPod to PC

I looked in my iTunes the other day and found an album that was missing, but it was on the iPod. I tracked down this information, and then realized how dumb I was being since I had a backup. So, I simply copied the files from my backup without doing these things listed below… BUT, thought I should make a note of them just in case I later DO need to….

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Converting VMWare virtual machines to Virtual PC

I am going to (hopefully) upgrade to Windows 7 Ultimate Edition. Since this comes with Virtual PC basically built-in, I am not so excited about running multiple virtualization solutions on the same PC. So, I want to convert my VMWare virtual machines to Virtual PC and found the above link. I hope that I can play these using VMWare player under linux…. And I DO have Virtual Box under Linux, so I should convert those as well.

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iPod parts, repair manuals   Leave a comment

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Google analysis of risky sites   Leave a comment

Google keeps track of lots of things, including this
Simply replace with any site you want information on.
For instance, you might try

Original source of info:

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Windows 7 for $30

If you have an *.edu email account

Also see
Basically, we have to put in an email address that ends in .edu, then
hit submit, and wait for instructions to be sent to that address

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Autoplay repair

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