iTunes 9 – not synching podcasts, new organization   Leave a comment


In iTunes, under the Podcasts tab on your iPod, try UNchecking “Automatically include _ episodes of _,” and check your playlists under “Include Episodes from Playlists:”. That seems to do it for me.

Worked for me as well.


Just an additional note that I thought didn’t warrant a new post… They also have some new feature and I don’t remember exactly what it was called, but you can organize your files differently now. To maybe make this clear, I now have sub-folders of Music, Podcasts, Movies, Compilations, TV Shows and Games… It does help (things were getting harder to find at the top level) but at first I freaked out wondering where my files went.


Posted September 11, 2009 by mmdmurphy in ipod, tips

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