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Courion Tip – SSIS Data feeds

The scenario –

“I” get a daily feed from SAP of who has accounts on that system…But, the file name is generated automatically by SAP. So, it varies from day to day – and is NOT based on the date time stamp. So, basically, let’s consider it to be random.

Using this reference:

I now copy the file and rename it to a standard file name in one step – (I have a step prior to this that makes an archival copy of the file).

Problem solved. I intend to supply more details to this post.

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Courion Tip – Approvals

I have been challenged with creating an approval step for a Courion workflow. I know it’s built in, but I also know it wasn’t covered when I took the class (I think we ran out of time), so I thought I would document what I find.

Step 1 – make a copy of the workflow (in my case, it’s called “Manual” and I copied it to “Manual with approval”). Just to avoid typing, I will call this new workflow the ‘approval’ workflow.

Step 2 – in Flowchart View, open the workflow, and the Action that you want to require approval on.

Click on Edit Approval Steps, and the Approval Community Form will come up. Some of the fields are extremely obvious, while others are not:

Now for the tough part. According to the Courion Configuring_Workflows.pdf, :

In the CONFIGURE APPROVER STEPS window, add text or macros that specify the
required approvers.  For example, if you specified a macro that resolved to the job
title of  “Director” in the User Classifications Form, include a macro that resolves to
the job title of “Director” on this form. You can add multiple approver steps.
If you select serial for the approval mode, you can use the MOVE UP and MOVE
DOWN buttons to create the order that the approval steps must take place. The
topmost approver step is the first approver. (In parallel approval mode, approvals
can take place in any order.)
Use the REMOVE and REMOVE all buttons to delete approver steps from the list in
the window.

The problem, for me at least, is trying to understand what they just said.

So, this is a 2 step process – setting the User Classifications Form – probably by way of a Macro, and setting the same value here. If the 2 values match, then the approval automatically happens? So, in order for a process to NOT automatically get approved, you should make sure they don’t match?

Let’s try setting these values ‘manually’ and seeing what we can do.

Going into Actions, Global Settings, User Classifications:

I don’t quite understand what they are looking for, so I will set some reasonable values for the Profile UID and Profile UID alias, but then set YES for the user classification.

Now back to the Approval Step, and setting the value to NO:

Next, I tried to Add an SAP account to my test account, and I got this on the summary screen:

Following request was successfully submitted for approval and processing: 327

I installed the default workflows onto a clean machine, with the default sql server install, etc., and am still trying to figure out where the requests are.

SELECT  *  FROM [dbo].[RequestView] order by DateReqCreated desc

Shows what appear to be the requests I have been trying to submit, and I have one with a status of Submitted (instead of complete).  However, the RequesterID and RequesterName are both set incorrectly.

Next I enabled the Request Management action in the workflow, ran it, and asked for request 327.

Since the Approval Community is set to
Next I logged into the same workflow and selected Manage Approvals, and was able to pull up both requests (327 and 328), and approve them.

I got an email back from Courion, basically saying that {out of the box} it is not possible to mix items that require approval with items that do NOT require approval onto the same workflow. Likewise, you can’t mix items that require 2 different approvals. It’s pretty much an all or nothing.

I wonder if it’s possible to approve the items directly in SQL server. I would venture you can, but then what would trigger the workflow to perform the action (ie, creating accounts).


Update – I think I finally have my head around this. Let me summarize what I have done.

Actions / Add / Action Settings / Approval Community, Approver Steps…

I have 2 custom macros, one of which resolves to the active directory account name of the provisionee’s manager

The other one resolves to the active directory account name of the owner of the SAP Role (or it will someday, but let’s assume it does now).

SO, 2 approvals are required – one by the Active Directory Account name of their manager, and one by the Active Directory Account name of the owner of the SAP Role.

Next, Global Settings, User Classifications / Current User Classifications, I put %Auth Step 1. Account Name%.


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