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SSD Drives

Bought a 120 gig SSD drive, what a pain!

First off, you really ought to run ‘chkdsk /f /r’ on your drive before you begin, and reboot. I wish I would have.

Secondly, I am using ‘EaseUS Partition Master 9.1.1 Home Edition’ to manage partitions. Could have used gparted, but didn’t. No reason.

During the process, I would use CCleaner to

  • bring up a list of apps that are installed
  • make a list of 3 or so
  • uninstall those 3
  • use CCleaner to do a registry check
  • reboot – occasionally doing chkdsk /r /f and/or resize partitions
  • reinstall latest version of those applications

(Of course, I also moved data files and stuff at the same time, not like I was resizing it in tiny bits)

Worth it when I was done? HELL YES.

I am currently considering: – free for home use, if you make less than a 4 gig ramdisk. I have 18 gig RAM, and am willing to put 4 into this…


Update – I tried the ram disk, and ran into issues booting. Sorry, I don’t have the details anymore, but I have shelved it for now.


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