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Terrible Experience at Stonestown Apple Store   Leave a comment

Took me 5 hours to get a new iPhone – and it’s NOT because of any line.

got the iPhone 6s+ with max memory. 2 year upgrade price $640

I thought I’d leave around noon, get to Stonestown around 12:30, get the phone and be home around 1. WRONG.

I got to Apple store around 12:30, and they gave me a 1:30 appointment to talk to someone. I had lunch, and back at 1:30. 1:45 I’m queued up and talk to the guy about what I want.

He runs it thru, and it doesn’t finish. So, he runs it again, and it doesn’t finish, he calls his boss, they run it thru and it doesn’t finish – by the way, no where in all of this did I yet give them credit card.

They run it thru 4 more times or so, and it never finishes. Apple store tells me to go upstairs to Verizon, and they can’t do anything more for me.

I go up to Verizon, and tell them what happened, and he pulls up my account – it says I HAVE a 6s+ and I’ve used my upgrade eligibility. Verizon guy walks down to Apple store with me, and we get the manager.

About 5 phone calls later, Apple successfully cancels my half – placed order, verizon no longer shows 6s+.

Now my phone quit working. So, I go upstairs to Verizon, they re-enable the upgrade eligibility, reset my old phone so it works, and basically fall all over each other being as nice as they possibly could. They gave me discount on a case, and a loyalty discount.

Next time I will go to Verizon.

So, I left condo at Noon, and got home at 5:30 with the phone. Yep, 5 1/2 hours basically. I’d give the Apple Store an F, and Verizon an A+

(By the way, Verizon did offer $150 for my old phone, which I didn’t take)


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