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Small Business Server "Company Web" from Internet
To work around this issue, edit the HTML code for the default Web site to make the My Company’s Internal Web Site link work over the Internet. To do this, you must replace the internal http://companyweb link with the following external link:
https://FQDN_of_SBS_Server:444 This external link works correctly both over the local network and
over the Internet.
Note The Windows SBS 2003 Setup program cannot configure the My Company’s Internal Web Site link in advance for external use, because neither the server’s fully qualified domain name (FQDN) nor its external Internet Protocol (IP) address is known when you run the Setup program.
To edit the HTML code, follow these steps:
1.      Click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Windows Explorer.
2.      Expand My Computer, expand Local Disk (C:), expand Inetpub, and then click wwwroot.
3.      In the right pane, right-click the Default.htm file, point to Open With, and then click Notepad.
4.      On the Edit menu, click Replace.
5.      In the Find what box, type http://companyweb.
6.      In the Replace with box, type https://FQDN_of_SBS_Server:444.
7.      Click Replace All, and then close the Replace dialog box.
8.      On the File menu, click Exit.
9.      Click Yes to save your changes.
When you access the Welcome page on the default Web site over the Internet, and you then click the My Company’s Internal Web Site link, you are now redirected to your company’s internal Web site.

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Computer Administration

Check out — I haven’t installed yet, but I watched a podcast about it at:

This gives a nice summary also:


Finally got around to doing this over the weekend. VERY nice, but a little picky about the configuration. I had to run this on all the machines:

netsh firewall set service remoteadmin enable

That got most of the PC’s to show up correctly. I still have some issues, but this link
looks promising.

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Automatic Posting of running status at the Akron Marathon   Leave a comment

Ok – what is all this??? Well, I read about automatically posting to your website by email. And then I read about having the Akron Marathon automatically send emails when you cross their mats (which basically tell you where and when you are)… And I thought it seemed like a great combination. Every time I cross one of their timing mats, it’ll send an email which in turn will become a post in WordPress. Cool idea. So, here it is, my first test:


Update – We were sick this weekend, so we didn’t run the akron marathon. oh, well. This would have worked.

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Why I host my own blog

I am now using Zoundry Raven 1.0.375 I cannot find a licensing agreement, so, I guess in a court of law I would argue that I agreed to nothing…

From google’s licensing agreement when they host your blog (and don’t use other online sites)

6. Intellectual Property Rights. Google’s Intellectual Property Rights. You acknowledge that Google owns all right, title and interest in and to the Service, including all intellectual property rights (the “Google Rights”). Google Rights are protected by U.S. and international intellectual property laws. Accordingly, you agree that you will not copy, reproduce, alter, modify, or create derivative works from the Service. You also agree that you will not use any robot, spider, other automated device, or manual process to monitor or copy any content from the Service. As described immediately below, Google Rights do not include third-party content used as part of the Service, including the content of communications appearing on the Service.

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Photos at top…   Leave a comment

The photos at the top are from Deb Murphy. Unfortunately, they had to be resized and edited to display properly on this page… Look for the originals, they are MUCH better. Having said that, they look GREAT this way too.

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Blimp Ride   Leave a comment

Use the link on the left, which is also

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Concatenate Multiple Text Files in Windows

Copied from

I found it way too useful to risk loosing it. So, here’s a copy of what they have in the above article:

Keyboard Ninja: Concatenate Multiple Text Files in Windows

You have a directory full of log files that you want to import into Excel or a database so you can do some processing on them… but there are hundreds of files… how do you make them into a single file?

Answer: Pull out your DOS hat, open a command prompt, and then use the “for” command.

The syntax works something like this:

for <variablename> in (<directorylisting>) do <command> <variablename>

So if you wanted to append all of the *.log files in a directory, you’d use the “type” command and then pipe it into a single file using the >> operator.

The difference between >> and > is that the former appends data to the end of the file, and the latter will completely replace the file, which would be pointless for what we want to do.

So here’s the command you’d run, assuming you are in the directory containing the log files.

for %f in (*.log) do type “%f” >> aggregate.txt

And yes, I actually just used this command for a project at work, which is why I’m writing up this article. =)

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