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Error: quote character “ cannot exist in data, which doesn’t begin with quote character

Here’s the “secret” 


Basically, you need both Header = false and Quoter set to nothing. 

Now, when you have a user like this: 

Robert “Bob”, Smith 

It imports it correctly (because quoter is now set to nothing, and quotation marks are treated like any other character.) 
We had WAY to many problems with nick-names in the first name column… 
However, cos our header row is quoted, you have to set it Header to FALSE. 

Next, you have to change the query so it’s based on column number, like this (I’m not sending the full query, but you’ll get the idea…): 

  column1 AS First_Name,
column2 AS Last_Name
FROM File_name 

This also means that they can’t touch the query that generates the file (ie, re-arrange columns) or things will break. 

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