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Windows error – in UBUNTU


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Grub 2 reinstall

Much to my frustration, these directions (the link above) seem to think that you know what the heck you are doing. I can’t say I did/do, but let me try to remember what’s missing from them… Using their “method 2”

  • After you’re running the live CD, start gparted. Select the partition you think your linux is on, and click on info or about or something like that. You want the UUID which will be on the screen. Copy it and paste into a blank file. You need this. While you are there, make a note of what file system it is. For instance, ext3, you need to know this as well.
  • To mount the old linux install, you’ll do something like this  “mount -t {file system type from the step above, probably ext3} -u {paste the UUID you got from the step above} /media/oldsys”
  • You can now access your old files by going to /media/oldsys
  • Their line “grub-install –root-directory=/mnt/ /dev/sda” should be more like “grub-install –root-directory=/media/oldsys/ /dev/sda”
  • Why /dev/sda? You are going to put the grub bootloader on the first hard drive, in the master boot record – so, it has to be /dev/sda
  • When I rebooted to Windows 7, it told me it had to repair the system. I let it, and all is well, but that made me very nervous…

 This is just a note to myself about something that sounded interesting :

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Reduce printing costs and save a tree

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10 Linux rescue tools for recovering Linux, Windows, or Mac machines
Trinity Rescue Kit
Avira AntiVir

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DNS – where have your users gone?

An interesting concept. What if you had a list of “bad” sites on the internet AND could detect if any of your users had went there…. Well, that would give you a list of potentially infected computers on your network that you should consider scanning…..

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Disposable email addresses

Basically… are you tired of those websites who want you to verify your email address before you can do whatever….? Well, try these…

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Disabling certificates in Windows – look for sek and you will get there quicker.
Basically, why does your computer trust the hong kong post office? Let’s disable certificates from places maybe you don’t trust, or at least don’t need.
Well, my first attempt didn’t work so well. I couldn’t get to my gmail account. So, I undid the changes. I will try again later…

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