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Western Union and Money Order refunds…   3 comments

My first non technical post (I think)

I don’t think they really want you to easily get a refund on a money order. You have to sign a copy of THEIR affidavit saying that you purchased it if you don’t have the original receipt. They’ll tell you to call 800-999-9660 and request one. Well, I could never get a person on the phone, nor could I find a menu item to request one. I did finally find a copy online at:

Click on the link that says “Download Consumer Affidavit – Purchaser form”

You’ll also need a copy of the “Money Order Customer Request” form, which they sent me. Good luck, I couldn’t find it online. The only reason I have one is that I filed incorrectly, and then they sent me one.

Update… Looks like you can’t save that link. Go to and select United States from the drop down. Click on the word “CONSUMER” under the “Send a Money Order” click on “Learn More”, then scroll down to “Download Consumer Affidavit – Purchaser Form”


This has been far and away my most popular post. If you discover they have changed things, please let me know so that I can update this post.

THANK YOU. 10/21/2010…

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