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Western Union and Money Order refunds…   3 comments

My first non technical post (I think)

I don’t think they really want you to easily get a refund on a money order. You have to sign a copy of THEIR affidavit saying that you purchased it if you don’t have the original receipt. They’ll tell you to call 800-999-9660 and request one. Well, I could never get a person on the phone, nor could I find a menu item to request one. I did finally find a copy online at:

Click on the link that says “Download Consumer Affidavit – Purchaser form”

You’ll also need a copy of the “Money Order Customer Request” form, which they sent me. Good luck, I couldn’t find it online. The only reason I have one is that I filed incorrectly, and then they sent me one.

Update… Looks like you can’t save that link. Go to and select United States from the drop down. Click on the word “CONSUMER” under the “Send a Money Order” click on “Learn More”, then scroll down to “Download Consumer Affidavit – Purchaser Form”


This has been far and away my most popular post. If you discover they have changed things, please let me know so that I can update this post.

THANK YOU. 10/21/2010…

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Remote desktop and Windows XP Service Pack 3

Short version – open Internet Explorer, Tools, Programs, Manage add-ons, and re-enable Microsoft Terminal Service Active X control. I haven’t verified this yet, but sounds right to me.

Also found this:

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Stumbled across a review somewhere of andLinux…. Kind of a play on words, like you can run Windows “andLinux”… Well, guess what? It works! I want to spend more time with it, and the laptop I am running it on has 2 gig, so I gave it 512 meg to run in. Kind of worried, seems like it might tie to the ip address, but since this is a laptop which might be on a wired network, or on a wireless or at the least as a DHCP client, I wish it tied to instead. But I am not sure and could be wrong.

Update – from their FAQ

Chaning the Launcher Port

In case you want to change the port of the andLinux Launcher (port 81), open the Windows Registry (command regedit), and below the key \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\andLinux\Launcher\ (note that, by default, only the key \\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\ exists; you’ll have to create the subkeys andLinux and Launcher yourself), create a value “IP” of type “REG_SZ” with the IP address (default and a value “Port” of type “REG_DWORD” (be careful to enter the port as decimal value; default is hexadecimal). Finally, you have to change the value of “LocalPort” in file /usr/local/sbin/ (and restart). Note: this feature exists since andLinux Beta 1.

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iTunes Behind Corporate Firewall

OLD POST 2008 & I never did get it to work…

Ok, your turn. I work at a big company, and I want to listen to music using iTunes… Possibly subscribe to some podcasts. I’d say don’t bother telling me I am wrong and suggesting another player…

Catch is it keeps prompting me for my firewall user name and password. If it would ask once, it would be OK. I don’t want to go to the iTunes music store, I have all my music locally.

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Video Capture – Part 2

Guess I should clarify… What I had posted as video capture isn’t strictly speaking video capture. I dug a Pinnacle DVC 170 USB (aka Dazzle Platinum) out of the drawer and installed it. Found my copy if Pinnacle Studio 10.5 quick start and installed it – lots of error messages under Vista. Found a 10.8 update on their website, and installed that. Also found a USB update (don’t really know what it does, but installed it anyway). Hooked up the cables to the TV, and it’s really very good. Will be capturing some old home movies and storing them…

The DVC 170 doesn’t seem to be supported by anything but their own software. Kind of a shame to install all this extra software I don’t really need just to capture…

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