Video Capture – Part 2

Guess I should clarify… What I had posted as video capture isn’t strictly speaking video capture. I dug a Pinnacle DVC 170 USB (aka Dazzle Platinum) out of the drawer and installed it. Found my copy if Pinnacle Studio 10.5 quick start and installed it – lots of error messages under Vista. Found a 10.8 update on their website, and installed that. Also found a USB update (don’t really know what it does, but installed it anyway). Hooked up the cables to the TV, and it’s really very good. Will be capturing some old home movies and storing them…

The DVC 170 doesn’t seem to be supported by anything but their own software. Kind of a shame to install all this extra software I don’t really need just to capture…


Posted May 4, 2008 by mmdmurphy in tips, Video, windows

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