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Been struggling with what to do about email. I can set up my own email server, get an email address from, or get email from I have tried all 3 (below) and they all work, so I could change at a moment’s notice.

When you buy from godaddy, you get a free email account, and they basically do all the work. I tried it, but thought I wanted to try hosting it myself. I left it more or less set up on their side, in case I want to use it later.

I installed hMailServer ( on my box that is running wordpress, it was easy since I already have xampp installed. No need to add a database, since they have a script to handle that too.

I am currently using google, and here’s my settings. I currently have the hMailServer service disabled on my PC, but I think if I change the priority below to something less than 10 and re-enable the service, I should be all set.



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Converting Windows Media Center files to iPod Format

Found a great program (hey, it worked as advertised) to convert .dvr-ms files generated by Windows Media Center (in my case, Windows Vista Extreme) to iPod compatible format. iPodifier from

Here’s a copy and paste from their web site wiki:

iPodifier is a Windows application that automates transcoding video for the Apple iPod. While it is primarily designed to generate video for the Apple iPod, it has been used to transcode video for the Zune, Blackberry and Apple TV as well since the transcoding options can be customized to produce any video output. While there are number of very good applications out there for transcoding single videos for the iPod, if you have a DVR (digital video recorder) such as Windows Media Center, SageTV or BeyondTV, these applications can generate a lot of video. Say you ride the train into work every morning and can’t stay up late enough to watch Jay Leno every night and want to watch it on you iPod on the train in the morning. With iPodifier, you can tell it to keep the 5 most recent Tonight Shows on your iPod. iPodifier will monitor your DVR’s video directory. As soon as your DVR application has finished recording the Tonight Show, iPodifier will see this, transcode it into a version compatible for your iPod, add it to iTunes and sync your iPod, so when its waiting for you in the morning. You can setup subscriptions for how every many TV shows or movies you want to keep on your iPod. iPodifier was designed to work primarily with Windows Media Center, SageTV and BeyondTV and will get the metadata (i.e. showname, episode, description) from the DVR application and transfer this to iTunes as well. You can setup iPodifier to work with multiple video sources. So, in addition to monitoring you DVR directory, if you download a TV series or have some home movies, you create other video sources in iPodifier for these.

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Moved my site   Leave a comment

Well, not really a move, more of a clean up. It’s still hosted by me etc, but I got rid of the redirect, changed the host name, made the wordpress the default site, and, well, something else – I forgot!

Much cleaner since it’s mostly about this blog anyway. Of course, I can still add pages instead of just blogs.

Turns out the links to my photos wouldn’t work, a little digging and I discovered the old links in the database. Used MySQL Administrator to save the wordpress database as *.sql file, and then used notepad to do a search and replace to correct the links. Then did MySQL Administrator to restore the database. Looks all good now. I hope so!

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Video Capture – I FINALLY got results I like!

Windows Vista Ultimate Edition (built in media center) and the Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1600 Hybrid Video Recorder (

It has hardware hardware encoder, so it seem to only slow down the PC a little bit.

Recorded Family Guy, then clicked on something like :”Burn to DVD” and it played on my TV just fine.

But, that was using the analog / cable input. I want to try the ATSC high definition digital TV input and see if I get even better results.

Lost is shown on WYTV-DT 33.1 ABC Youngstown Frequency = 36, 131 degrees, 31.3 miles.

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Discount on Microsoft TechNet

Use code TMSAML01 to get a 40% discount. That’s the number 0 by the way.  (They didn’t say not to share it!!!!)

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Cross posting concerns

I listened to some pretty scary netcasts today … Mostly about photographs and how you basically give your rights away by using certain photo hosting websites.

So, I am thinking this applies to blogs as well……

This will probably be the last post that I make on my own website ( AND to

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Computer Forensics

Saw a great demo of Helix ( on (

And posting this more for myself so I don’t forget about it.

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