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Moving SBS2003 User Data

Probably the best one:


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XAMPP Security   Leave a comment



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WordPress and Podpress Notes   Leave a comment

WordPress: Login as Admin, go to Options, General and define the WordPress address URL


URI of media files directory ;


(make sure you make this directory!) Put your *.mp3 file there, and when writing, click on Add Media File – specify file name only.

the default tomcat admin user/password is xampp and xampp

From website: Alfresco is the Open Source Alternative for Enterprise Content Management (ECM), providing Document Management, Collaboration, Records Management, Knowledge Management, Web Content Management and Imaging.”

alfresco community edition:

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Windows XP Black Edition – AT YOUR OWN RISK   Leave a comment

Kind of reluctant with this one…

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SBS 2003 ports and SBS2003 with 1 NIC   Leave a comment

From :

For full functionality of SBS 2003 (SBS2003) Remote Web Workplace, forward the following ports at your router or firewall:

  • SMTP 25 – Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
  • HTTP 80 – Home Page Web
  • SSL 443 – Home Page Web Secured
  • RWW 444 – Second SSL Secured on alternate port
  • PPTP 1723 – VPN Connections
  • RDP 3389 – Remote Desktop Protocol
  • RWW2 4125 – Remote Web Workplace
  • Optional:
  • POP3 110 – If using POP3 mail connections

Also :

  • netstat -aon | find “:4125”

SBS 2003 and 1 NIC :

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Non-Work Freebies   Leave a comment – Basically, you answer vocabulary questions and fight world hunger at the same time. How does it work? Well, they get paid for the advertising at the bottom of the screen, then give that money to the United Nations. – All the galaxies in the universe come in something like 5 basic shapes. Computers aren’t really that good at identifying the shapes, and there’s an awful lot of photographs that need identified. You take a short course on how to identify them, then create an account on their site. They show you photographs of galaxies, and you identify the type of galaxy.

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Remote Desktop and Control-Alt-Del   Leave a comment

Changing your password with Remote Desktop… Well, pretty easy if you could press Control Alt Del and bring up the dialog box.

I found the answer after quite a bit of looking……

Press Control Alt End & it sends Control Alt Del to the remote desktop

(Found this at–alt–del-in-remote-desktop.aspx)

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