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iOS 4.2 ate my Playlist

I upgraded my iPad to iOS 4.2 today. I have a smart playlist on my PC called “unplayed podcasts”. On the PC, it shows 4 items. On the iPad, it shows none. Rebuilt the smart playlist, same thing.

—- Just a few additional notes…

I have recreated this several times, but to no avail. The basic query is

Meet all the following criteria:
PlayCount is 0 (I have also tried Playcount is less than 2)
Any of the following criteria:
MediaKind is Podcast
Genre is Podcast

This shows (since I refreshed the podcasts) 8 items on the computer.
I did a sync to my iPad and iPod, and now both show NO items in the playlist on those devices.

I read somewhere (forgot where, sorry!) that maybe having a SONG in the playlist would resolve it. So, I modified it to (under any of the following….) Artist is Adrian Belew. That shows 14 items on the computer, and, after synching, 0 items on the iPad.

I will probably live with it instead of reverting back to the old iOS….. and HOPE that iOS 4.21 fixes it.

I did do a reboot of the computer, and of the iPad… No change. I MIGHT do a complete reset of the iPad (back to ground zero) and see if that helps. Will post later if it does…

Well, my iPod started doing it as well, so I did a complete reset (restore to factory defaults) on it, and …. well, 2 things. I kept clicking on the “check for updates” every few weeks, and it never said an update was available. So, as soon as I told it to restore to factory settings, it downloaded an update. JERKS. Anyway, the reset seems to have solved it on the iPod.

The other thing is that my iPad now shows 4.2.1, not 4.2 – when did this happen? Anyway time to bite the bullet and do the restore. Wish me luck.
Well, that was a waste of time. complete restore on iPad did NOT resolve this issue
11/23/2010 – Still not resolved. I tried this (below) and it did not work for me. Might work for you…
11/29/2010 – Still not resolved.

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iPad Maps closes unexpectedly letter W

I have an iPad. When I run maps, it closes unexpectedly whenever I enter a location starting with the letter W. I have tried MOST of the other letters, both upper and lower case, and they work. I hope to hear from you if you have the same problem.
I called Apple support, and they had me go into Settings, General, Reset, and “Reset All Settings”. It then rebooted, and all is good.
I did have to put in the network password again, and my icons are rearranged, but small price to pay for fixing this.
It’s doing it again. Apple care wants me to do this when I get home


It’s STILL doing it, I will have to work on it later….

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