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website '' to check your website…   Leave a comment

Saw this on an episode of tekzilla, sorry, forgot which one, but tells you if your website is up or not – BUT does more including a brief analysis of your robots.txt file..


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Apache / XAMPP and User Access Control   Leave a comment

I am considering moving my website to a pc that is running Vista 64 bit. So, I did a little research, and the most common method is to disable user access control and then proceed as usual. I am sorry, but this doesn’t sit well with me. So, I thought I would document what I am doing.

First off, I did a very much default install of XAMPP using these instructions MySQL seems to be fine, but Apache won’t start. Well, if you look in c:\xampp\apache\logs\error.log, you will see that it couldn’t something something to…. So, I did a search in c:\xampp\apache\conf\httpd.conf for that, made a copy of that line (make sure you can undo everything you do!), and changed it to  I then tried to start it, and it failed, same sort of message, except…. Well, if you look in the *.conf file, you won’t see it – but you will see it’s loading some “extra” conf files near the end. So, I did a search for ssl, and found where its loading the extra *.conf file for ssl, and commented it out.

(Forgot to mention – during the install, I opted out of IPv6 support. Why? Well, Security Now talked about IPv6, and mentioned that it uses your MAC address as part if it’s “id” string – thus making you completely trackable. Also, I am very sure my wireless hub, etc., doesn’t support it anyway)

Now the XAMPP control panel seems to start Apache and MySQL without issue…. I will keep plugging at it, but seems like disabling user access control is TOO drastic a measure just to get it running. Seems like you would want MORE security on a web server, not less!

Other notes:

===== WELL, It works!!!!!! You’re looking at this on a Vista 64 machine with User Access Control still enabled !!!!!!

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This website has problems – make that HAD problems!!   Leave a comment

For instance, I cant get the about page to come up. I hope to someday have time to fix it!!!!!

Maybe export all posts, etc., drop the database, and import????

========== Resolved. I installed fresh on a new box, exported from the old, imported to the new.

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Testing. Does my twitter link…   Leave a comment

Testing. Does my twitter link work? Did my wordpress update work?

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I am back online   Leave a comment

Moved to a new server,  and had issues… I think we’re all good now

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Got twitter going to my facebo…   Leave a comment

Got twitter going to my facebook and my web site Now all I need is something to say!

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Trying to allow twitter to upd…

Trying to allow twitter to update facebook…

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