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Disposable email addresses

Basically… are you tired of those websites who want you to verify your email address before you can do whatever….? Well, try these…


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Google mail useage   Leave a comment

I wonder how many people are like me and really aren’t using that much space. At the bottom of my emails, I noticed this message:

“You are currently using 67 MB (0%) of your 7290 MB.”

I try to keep my inbox clean, and I don’t send or recieve many attachments.

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Been struggling with what to do about email. I can set up my own email server, get an email address from, or get email from I have tried all 3 (below) and they all work, so I could change at a moment’s notice.

When you buy from godaddy, you get a free email account, and they basically do all the work. I tried it, but thought I wanted to try hosting it myself. I left it more or less set up on their side, in case I want to use it later.

I installed hMailServer ( on my box that is running wordpress, it was easy since I already have xampp installed. No need to add a database, since they have a script to handle that too.

I am currently using google, and here’s my settings. I currently have the hMailServer service disabled on my PC, but I think if I change the priority below to something less than 10 and re-enable the service, I should be all set.


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Computer Forensics

Saw a great demo of Helix ( on (

And posting this more for myself so I don’t forget about it.

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