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Lessons learned from the installs I have seen…. There’s a lot you need to know how to do, and by doing some of the work ahead of time, Courion can hopefully focus on more advanced issues. By doing these things, you learn the skills you need.

Send (or be sent) to SQL Server SSIS training. NOT SQL Server training, SSIS training. SQL Server and SSIS are KEY to Courion. Why not SQL Server training? Because – unless you are going to be your own DBA – you really don’t need to know how to install SQL Server, nor replication technologies, etc.

Take a VBScripting class. Courion supports both Javascript and VBscript, so this is more of a personal preference. But you need to know one of them – maybe both.

Deciede if you need to support unicharacter – you probably do.

Write an SSIS package that imports a flat file to a SQL Server table. It would be best if you actually import a flat file from your HR system, and populates a real table. Name the destination table RAW_something. “We” get our data from ADP, so I call the table we import to RAW_ADP. Do not “pick and choose” which data you will need, you can do that later. Be sure to import dates as dates, strings as strings. Arrange to have the file generated on a daily basis, and schedule your package to run daily – obviously, after the export happens.

Write an SSIS package that imports user information from Active Directory to a SQL Server table, using VBscript. Pull in as much information as you need. I import mine into RAW_AD table, AD being Active Directory of course. Schedule this to run on a daily basis, but be aware that you might wind up running more often than that.

I hope to scrub the packages I have and upload them, but I cannot be sure I will get approval for this.

If you get these done, you will be a LONG way to understanding SQL Server, SSIS and being able to understand the Courion person when they come out. When the consultant arrives on your doorstep, insist that they base populating the identitymap off of your RAW_tables. They might not readily agree, but if your process is sound, there is no reason not to. They will probably have to modify your package to point to whatever database Courion is actually going to use, that’s fine. They MIGHT want to modify it to remove users that aren’t in the identitymap – don’t let them. Emphasis that this is RAW data, that they should use this as a data source for thier process.

One final comment about SSIS and Courion – And this is going to sound like a personal preference, I don’t think it is – Stress to the consultant that you want SEPERATE SSIS packages for just about everything.

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