Courion Tip – Restricting Access to Workflows

The business case is this: Only people who’s active directory accounts are in “users” or are in “no mail users” should be able to reset their passwords using Courion. All other accounts are (probably) service accounts or privileged accounts. Courion already has documentation to restrict access to a workflow based on a single group membership, but what about restricting access to 2 different organizational units?
Step 1 – custom macro to return the user’s distinguished name

distinguishedName(sAMAccountName=%Auth Step 1.UserName%)

Step 2 – custom macro to parse the distinguished name.
Dim strDN, strFound
strDN = “%Custom Macro.AD.Provisionee.distinguishedName%”
strFound = (InStr(strDN, “OU=User,OU=CH,DC=ad-ech,DC=net”) + InStr(strDN, “OU=No Mail User Accounts,OU=CH,DC=ad-ech,DC=net”))
NativeScript = strFound
Step 3 – modify Auth Step 2, Limit Authentication Criteria :

‘%Custom Macro.SQL.GlobalConfigValues.ConfigValue.PasswordReset_Restriction%’>1

SQL Global ConfigValues.ConfigValue.Password_Reset_Restriction = SELECT ConfigValue FROM GlobalConfigValues WHERE ConfigName = ‘PasswordReset_Restriction’
Step 4 – modify the code that displays messages to the end user – so they know why they can’t use the workflow.


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