Courion Tip – Modifying the IdentityMap screen

I found the default identitymap *.xslt (ACCreateFormCtrls.xslt) to be a bit complex…with something like 30 (maybe more) imports. Which one of the 30 to edit? making sure you don’t break something else, etc.
However, there’s a simpler way.
There is an *.xslt called BuildIdentityMapCtrl.xslt, which is very monolithic.
I simply made a copy of this file, and pointed the identitymap screen to this copy, and deleted out the information we didn’t want. Now I have an *.xslt file that is less than 400 lines long, and doesn’t import any other files… Simpler to debug, modify, and, yes, comprehend.


Posted December 1, 2011 by mmdmurphy in Courion Tip

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