Cyberlink PowerDirector 10 installation

Here’s how I got it to work-

  • Install Demo copy – don’t bother with your license key, but run it once.
  • Install CyberLinkPDR10R_toUltra_1005_GM2_113320_VDE110929-04, and NOW try your license key. I opened an old project that uses H.264 and activated the codec at this step – but I don’t know if you need to.
  • Install CyberLink.110906_ContentP_I_PCP110812-04
  • Install CyberLink.110906_ContentP_II_PCP110812-05
  • Install CyberLink.CL_110829_RomancePackv3_MTP110329-03
  • Install CyberLink.1012_GM2_Patch_VDE110926-01

Posted October 29, 2011 by mmdmurphy in tips

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