Courion Tip – Action Items in a URL

I made passing these into a URL too hard, I was trying “Manage Requests” as 2 words, not one.


Our provisioning platform based products, AccountCourier and ComplianceCourier provide configuration options to automate many of the steps in the workflow.
Did you know that you can provide values for some of the selections in the URL Query string? See ACLogin.asp…
The values are can be taken from the Query string arguments of the URL….. sAction = Request.QueryString(“Action”) sUser = Request.QueryString(“User”) sAcct = Request.QueryString(“Acct”) sTargetID = Request.QueryString(“TID”) sTicketID = Request.QueryString(“Ticket”)
If a value is supplied, it is added to the array that is used to set BEHAVIOR macros.
If (sAction “”) Then arrayCnt = arrayCnt + 2 ReDim Preserve inArray(arrayCnt) inArray(arrayCnt-2) = “Action” inArray(arrayCnt-1) = sAction End If … …
Here is the call to assign values to the behavior macros. SetStateID( ACComm.SetBehavior(SessionID,inArray,Errors))
Using the URL I can pre-select the following information to go through the workflow.

This URL would auto select the Change action, after authentication steps.
It would also auto-select the User represented by ProfileUID, “5000” and then auto-select the “ccourion” account on the target “SPACE”.
My experimenting has found that the values supplied for the Query string arguments are case-sensitive to match for auto-selection.
This can be helpful for chaining a workflow to another without having the end user be aware that supplied data is limiting their decisions and selections and hene minimizing their actual workflow steps.
The URL has a maximum character limitation, however, so this best used when the information is for a small amount of data.
MSFT limits URL to 2083 for IE.


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