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Courion Tip – Setting Active Directory Manager Attribute

I was trying to set the manager atribute in a change workflow, but couldn’t get it set correctly. So, let’s say I have an identity map like this:

ProfileUID Username TargetID
123456 bob barker
098767 john dough

The DN in active directory for John Dough is: cn=john dough, ou=organization, dn=domain, dn=com

The DN in active directory for Bob Barker is: cn=bob barker, ou=organization, dn=domain, dn=com

So, you want to indicate that Bob Barker reports to John Dough.

What should you set the manager attribute in the uniqe resource data in the change part of the workflow?

cn=john dough, ou=organization,dn=domain, dn=com ??? – thats what you see when you pull up a user in active directory using an LDAP browser

NOPE. Select username from identitymap where profileuid =’098767′ and TargetID ‘’


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