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Courion Tip – Server 2008 and Courion 7.70 & 7.80

I spent some time setting up a new server – Windows Server 2008r2, 64 bit, 12 gig of RAM – so I could migrate our Courion installation onto better hardware, and a 64 bit OS.

Well, I had some issues with importing the workflows, and got that worked out. Then I tried to open one of the workflows I had imported. NOTHING. You cannot open it.

So, I did some searches at the Courion support site, and found that it’s NOT supported.

I will have to upgrade our systems from Courion 7.70 to 7.80, then try to migrate it onto the new server.



Update.  On the Server 2008 r2, I updated to Courion 7.80 fixpack 20. On the old server, I upgraded to the same level. Somewhere along the way, the old server “broke” – I mean that the password workflows don’t function properly. However, now I am able to export the workflows successfully from the old server to the new server – and they work JUST FINE on the new server. Saved a lot of work with the new export modes that are there.


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