PlugApps – Cherokee web server

To install Cherokee and the cherokee-admin web interface, run:

pacman -Sy cherokee rrdtool python

You’ll probably also want PHP.

pacman -Sy php

Configuration Web Interface

Start the Cherokee Admin tool by running:

cherokee-admin -b -x

This will turn on the web interface temporally (until you press CTRL-C in SSH), which listens for connections from any computer, and outputs any error messages to SSH. You can run the web interface in the background by putting an “&” after the above command.

Running it will give you a one-time password. Copy it and paste it into http://your.plugs.ip.addr:9090, using the “admin” username.


Doesnt work & re-installing python doesn’t work. Possible version conflict?

[root@Plugbox ~]# cherokee-admin -b -x
env: python2: No such file or directory

ERROR: Couldn’t find python.

pacman -Sy python2 <- seems to fix it.

Running Cherokee

You can control Cherokee using cherokee-admin as mentioned above, or use “/etc/rc.d/cherokee start|restart|stop”.

To start Cherokee on boot, add “cherokee” to the DAEMONs line in /etc/rc.conf.


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