Changing KIA Headlight

I will tell you 2 methods…. By the way, I did notice the pictures got clipped in the view, however, you really ought to click on them and open them “full size” in a new window.

By the way, several people told me not to touch the bulb – shortens the life of the bulb.

Method 1 – If you DON’T know what you are doing, remove the headlight / headlamp assembly. On my 2004, it was pretty obvious. 2 10 mm bolts, unplug everything, pull forward. Use screw driver to get over the dings and stuff that happened over the years. Wipe it down and carry it inside. Change headlight in comfort.

Method 2 –

  • If you DO know what you are doing. Unscrew the big rubber … what? Weather prevention thing. It goes less than 1/4 turn, and then removes easily. If you are fighting with it, you are doing it wrong and should use the other method.
  • Unplug the headlight by pulling the plug towards the back of the car. Again, it should come out pretty easily.
  • Unlatch the metal clip that is hold in the headlamp. And this is where it gets tricky and why I have included photos. The instructions on the internet said “pull it towards you”… I have NO idea what that means. At this point, I have my feet under the car, and am leaning over the hood. So, “ME” covers about 270 degrees. Here’s my version….
    • Do this in the daylight. It’s too hard to see at night.
    • Look at the clip that holds it in. There’s a short one, which ends in near the middle of the bulb. Ignore this one, other than noting it’s there. And then there’s the longer one. This longer one is held in place by a metal tooth and by spring action, and is on the other side of the bulb from the short one. You need to push it a little bit towards the front of the car, and slide it away from the middle of the bulb. As soon as you get it over that tooth (see the photos I plan on including), the whole metal clip thing will swing out of the way.
    • Put the other bulb in, and reverse the action  – rotate the clip like it was on a hinge, and then push it towards the bottom and front of the car until you get the metal clip over the tooth.

IF YOU BREAK THE METAL CLIP THING, your KIA dealer will try to sell you a new headlamp assembly. Be prepared to spend the afternoon bending one from a coat hanger instead.

Changing KIA headlight 1

Changing KIA headlight 4

Changing KIA headlight 6


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