Courion Tip – Multiple New Targets and Ticketing information

You must know ahead of time that the workflows are supposed to have the same targets. And I am only talking about password resets, but the key is knowing that the workflows we are touching have the same targets.

  • Whenever you add a new target, and you update your targetting info, save yourself grief and do it in alphabetical order.
  • Simply do a copy (and I DO mean “Control-C”) of the Target Status on your ticketing settings, go to the workflow you are updating, and do a paste “Control V”
  • That simple? Yes. I am completely stunned how long a text string is stored in the copy/paste buffer – I probably have more targets than you, and have never had an issue. BUT, please verify this yourself – do a password change using the workflow you just modified and a test account that has accounts on every target & then verify your ticketing information.

One “gotcha” that we ran across – sometimes you do this, and in your ticketing table, you’ll start seeing “%PMM Gateway…..Native Status%” {that’s from memory, so it may not be exactly right, but you will know when you see it} type entries for the target status. Well, pay attention to those. That is tell you – first of all – that you have fewer targets for that workflow than you did in the one you copied from. I said up front that you have to know that they have the same targets. Secondly, it tells you which target is missing! It’s right in there, just after the Gateway…


Posted November 13, 2010 by mmdmurphy in Courion Tip

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