Leo LaPorte Jumps the shark

I try to avoid opinions here, but the time has come to express one.

I am un-subscribing to some of the TWIT podcast (excuse me, netcasts). Leo has said time and time again that people want a podcast that sticks with them during their commute to and from work – to him, that means 1 hour at the shortest and sometimes 2 hour long podcasts. Sorry, I mean netcasts.

Well, I just can’t take it any more. I want podcasts that teach me about technology, and don’t cover so much of the business side of things. I also want to be able to go thru several in one day. I am going to un-subscribe to TWIT, and keep my subscription to FLOSS, Security Now, and Windows Weekly. This Week in Google has to go, as does This Week In Tech, and Mac Break Weekly.

Goodbye and good luck. As they say in divorces, “Irreconcilable differences”


Posted November 9, 2010 by mmdmurphy in Podcasts

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