Courion Tip – vbscript to enable user

We have a problem with user accounts getting locked. We have them set to automatically unlock after 15 minutes, but users are often not willing to wait. We have also have removed our Support Desk’s right to use the native Microsoft tools to do this.

So…. How can we unlock (NOT enable – different issue) user accounts without doing a password reset? We have a “Support Staff” password change workflow that lets the Support Desk do a password change for an end user, which is a start. The support staff person logs in, and is prompted for the end user’s ID that the are going to change. I made a copy of that.

Now, all I need is a vbscript that

  • as a privileged user
  • Find the user’s account
  • unlock the user’s account

Sounds simple enough, but all the sample code I have found misses at least one of the items – most of the code runs as the person who is logged in & I need to code it to run with enough rights to unlock the user. And those that I have found that use some authentication assume that you know “where” in active directory the end user is.

I will post the code as soon as I figure it out (or a link to it when I find it!!) Here are some candidates:

I was able to do this another way… Just saving this so I have a link to the vbscripts I found…


Posted October 23, 2010 by mmdmurphy in Courion Tip

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