Foundation software and XP Mode

I have a client that uses Foundation

A recent upgrade on the server, and all clients (except one) by another person went well… Notice I said except one.
I took this machine home, reformatted the drive, and reinstalled the operating system (windows 7 64 bit), Office 2007, the whole bit from the CD’s that came with it (from Dell).

Then, I dropped the machine off, joined it to the domain, and re-installed Foundation. It would NOT connect. I could not come up with an obvious solution, but I did mentally note that the Windows XP machine someone else in the office uses.. never had any problems connecting.

Since it was all on the up and up, I followed the instructions at and installed Windows XP mode. Next, I installed Foundation (on the virtual XP, of course), and configured a connection. I have to admit it failed as well, but then something in the back of my mind jogged me into trying Named Pipes for the client connection. So, I rolled up my sleeves, and fired up the ODBC connection manager, and created a named pipes connection. When I got to the last screen, I clicked on “test connection” and it came back with TEST SUCCESSFUL.

Then I fired up Foundation, made sure it was using that connection, and logged in without issue.

Yes, I went back to the windows 7 64 bit machine and changed the connection to named pipes, but it wouldn’t work. I don’t know if you dig down enough, are named pipes different on a 64 bit machine? Probably at some level.

I dragged the shortcut from the start menu / programs/ virtual pc/ XP Mode, etc.. to the desktop, and tried it again. No issues. I then rebooted it, and logged back in, double clicked on the icon, and, yes, it does start a bit slower, but it works.

I also like this solution, because I saved off a copy of the virtual machine. If someone else has issues with their computer, I can get them up and running in A LOT less time now…


Posted October 19, 2010 by mmdmurphy in tips, windows

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