Mac utilities

HimmelBar is a Mac OS X application.

HimmelBar provides an icon in the menu bar to quickly access your installed applications by scanning standard locations such as local, user, network and developer applications. You can also add a custom location such as the Classic Applications folder, or any other folder of your hard disk that contains applications.

Dell Vostro 1500 Apple Macbook
Intel Core 2 Duo T7300 Intel Core2 Duo
Front side bus frequency: 533 MHz, 667 MHz and 800 MHz 1066MHz frontside bus
2 GHz 2.4GHz
7.3 lb 4.7 lbs
15.4 in 13.3 in
nVidia GeForce 8400M GS NVIDIA GeForce 320M
160 GB 250GB
Built-in Bluetooth wireless Built-in Bluetooth wireless
webcam and omnidirectional microphone webcam and omnidirectional microphone


Posted October 8, 2010 by mmdmurphy in Linux, Mac, tips

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