X11 over SSH Windows to Linux


X11 over SSH part 2: Windows to Linux

As explained in Part 1, all you need do open GUI apps over SSH is an SSH client and an X11 server. If you’re on Windows this can be achieved with Xming and Putty. Darren demos using an XP VM.

That got me thinking… If I can find an X11 “client” for an iPad, then doesn’t that effectively mean that I can run all kinds of applications on the iPad… Yes, I know, technically they would be running on my ubuntu desktop, but they would “feel” like they were on the iPad, and that the iPad suddenly got “beefy”

http://www.starnet.com/ makes just that… However, to be blunt, I am a little disappointed with it. It seems like a replacement for vnc, meaning it gives you the whole desktop… I want to run just certain apps on the iPad. Maybe it’s not possible, but… for now… there are remote desktop applications that are cheaper for the iPad. Just a tad disappointed…

— update – I got an email from the company that they are coming out with a new version soon.

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