Printing from any device with drop box

My paraphrasing of it?? Create a folder inside of Drop Box , Create a script that watches that folder for documents – prints them – and then moves them, and schedule that to run on a regular basis. So, you put a document in your Drop Box print folder, then they sync to your PC, which ‘sees’ them, and prints them.

Here’s a tip that will let you print documents, emails, photos, PDF files, etc. from a mobile phone to your existing printer.

All you need is a printer connected to the computer and a mobile device for sending print jobs – it could be a BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad, Android or any other web-enabled phone.

Wirelessly Print Anything from Anywhere, Anytime

While mobile phones have become a lot more capable in the past few years, the connection between the printer and your phone is still very weak.

For instance, if you are using a BlackBerry or an iPhone, how do you print any of the presentations or spreadsheets that you have as email attachments? Or if you are viewing driving directions on Google Maps using an iPad, how do you send that map to the printer?


Posted September 30, 2010 by mmdmurphy in freeware, tips

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