Courion Tip – New Target Password Change

Our “Self Service Password Change” does not allow the end user to select which targets they want to change their password on. It was considered an additonal burden to the end user, so we have set the workflow to automatically select all your targets… HOWEVER.. Consider the following scenario…

You have all your passwords nicely synchronized, with something you can remember. You have just been given access to a target system. For instance, one of the corporate SAP systems because of a new job function. So, you need to set your password on that system, but you don’t want to reset all your passwords. But, I have already told you that we set the workflows to automatically select all your targets.

Well, what I did was make a copy of the Self Service Password Change workflow, and I called it  “New Target Password Change”. By setting the IdentityMap selection to whatever you already have, but adding “AND LastPwdChange IS NULL” only your NEW targets are select. This allows you to set your new target’s password, not touching your other systems, and fulfills managements choice of automating the target selection.

Minor updates –

I now display a list of these new targets for the end user by including this custom macro in the “Password Synchronization Field Selection Form”, “Form Instructions”:

%Custom Macro.WebContent_Form_Instructions%
%Custom Macro.Get_Users_New_Target_List%

The Get_Users_New_Target_List is defined :

select CommonName , ‘<br>’ as CRLF from dbo.TargetIDMapping
where UBTName IN
(select targetid from dbo.IdentityMap where profileuid =’%Provisionee Community.User%’ and LastPwdChange is null)

Of course, you could also go under Actions / Password Reset / Action Settings / Properties and Check or Uncheck “Automate Selection of IdentityMap” to suite your needs.
In addition, there seems to be some changes in the way that Courion copies workflows, so we lost our customizations. I have a call in.


Posted August 22, 2010 by mmdmurphy in Courion Tip

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