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Courion Tip – Self Service password reset doesn’t work

I got some of the workflows working on the new server, and now it was time to start tackling why the remaining ones didn’t work. Specifically, the self service password reset. Whenever you provided answers to the challenge response questions, it said you gave the wrong answer.  I opened a ticket with Courion, and was surprised by the answer.

Basically, the Courion server doesn’t know that the fields in the database are encrypted. Log into their admin tool, open the toolbox, go into security, and select the encrypted fields, then click on Encrypt. This doesn’t encrypt them, it just lets the server know that they are encrypted. I think this is an odd way to handle it, but it worked and the self reset workflow is fine now.

At least some of the others, and I believe most, rely on another product we use called RSA Secure Trust (or is it Clear Trust?) and some SSL certificates which aren’t installed yet.


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