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Courion Tip – moving the GAT service

I have some new servers, and I tried to move the GAT service today. If you don’t know, it’s short for Global Arrestor Table, and keeps stuff from ping-ponging around the servers and active directory. Anyway, there’s a configuration step that doesn’t seem to be documented, but apparently the consultant knew to do.

Go into the local groups, and this is from memory, but there is something like DCOM users. Add all the servers that are running courion in. AND, thats sort of critical, when you click on ADD, it tries to add users and groups. you have to click on advanced, and change it to add computers. IF you dont see a little computer icon, you got it wrong, and the TSAO and GAT services wont talk to each other.

Additionally, I had to add the IUSR_machinename account to the same localgroup on the box that is running GAT. Well, seems like this will be more clear after you get done!! Anyway, I get NO DCOM errors in eventvwr now. Nice to be able to say that!

AND, by the way, Courion does not make it easy to move to new servers. I had to manually add all of our domain controllers to the transparent synch configuration.  We are an international company, I think that’ s about 80 I had to add.


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