Screen Capture FSCapture and GreenShot

I use SnagIt at work, but it’s a commercial program. I was looking at my portableapps on my hard drive (I have a copy on there, it’s GREAT on a hard drive!!) and noticed I have this

FastStone Capture Is it as good as SnagIt? Nope, but pretty darned good. Also, it’s free (though don’t get the latest version – it’s not!) There’s another program from them, FSViewer that looks pretty cool but I haven’t checked out much.

I also checked out Snippy, but this doesn’t seem to work under Windows 7. (It acts more like a drawing program) Heres a link to the original site:

GreenShot also:



Posted October 14, 2009 by mmdmurphy in freeware, tips, windows

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