Courion Tip – New Servers

I got my new servers today, and I have installed the Courion software onto it. Anyone who has worked with it will tell you that’s only part of the battle. I have to install Oracle, SAP, and other software. Then I have to do the ODBC connections, etc., BUT it’s much better on a machine with 16 gig of memory and 2 quad core CPU’s!!

Minor update… we had nothing but problems the other day, related to automating adding users and target systems, but anyway, we never really found a root cause. We now think its cos of the load on the server, and it didn’t show up directly as CPU use or anything like that. I DID notice a lot of IO from a jqs.exe, and maybe thats it, but we move the exact same process to one of the new servers, and no problems at all.

I also like having historically problematic processes on separate boxes..


Posted October 13, 2009 by mmdmurphy in Courion Tip

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