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Well, I have to tell you that I don’t have any rules of thumb. BUT, I can tell you that I have a dual core Xeon 2.33 GHz with 4 GB of ram, running Windows Server 2003 SP2… DON’T do it!

I have about 250 targets, and about a dozen workflows. It is PAINFUL to administer. I have new servers on order, running a 64 bit copy of Windows, 16 gig of RAM, and 8 cores. I will update this when I get it running…  (and by the way, yes, I know it’s a 32 bit application… but it’s not ONE application….)

To quantify this, I have added an additional 70 targets under the PMM Gateway Connector. I am now adding them to the workflows, and I am about 1/3 done with the first one (there will be 5 total)… I am doing a Copy and Paste to enter the Unique Resource Data (and doing it as quickly as I can…) The time between clicking Submit for one target, it doing a refresh, opening up the next target, clicking paste, modifying the target name, and clicking Submit (working as quickly as possible)

The time it is taking me today to add the unique resource data using this copy and paste for each target – on the FIRST workflow I am adding them to – is

12 minutes, 35.56 seconds. (timed with my iPod’s stopwatch feature)

that comes out to about 81 hours to add 70 targets to 5 workflows.

Update – a reboot brought it down to 6 min and 40 seconds..


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