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I make the users answer 3 questions, not just 1 or 2… But, I also rotate them. I do this on, basically, the page load event. That way, if a user gets the answers wrong, the page reloads, and they are presented with another 2 of the 3… So, if they forget one answer, they can still do a reset. ALSO, if someone tries to hack into their account, it makes it a little harder to guess the answers – instead of guessing 1 constant question, they have to answer 2 of the 3, and which 2 changes constantly. No, not fool-proof, just a little harder…

Create a custom macro called %Custom Macro.RotateQA_Private%, set to

UPDATE Profile SET SelfServQ1=SelfServQ5, SelfServA1=SelfServA5, SelfServQ2=SelfServQ1, SelfServA2=SelfServA1, SelfServQ3=SelfServQ2, SelfServA3=SelfServA2, SelfServQ4=SelfServQ3, SelfServA4=SelfServA3, SelfServQ5=SelfServQ4, SelfServA5=SelfServA4 WHERE ProfileUID=’%Auth Step 1.ProfileUID%’

Provisioner Community, Auth Step 2, form instructions, add %Custom Macro.RotateQA_Private%


Posted September 2, 2009 by mmdmurphy in Courion Tip, tips

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