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While attempting to prevent users from putting a space in their password, I tried this as a solution. It did not prevent spaces in their password, but it, to me, is a simpler way of implementing dictionary rules – where a user cannot enter a password that contains a word in a dictionary.  The dictionary that ships with the Courion Suite, well, contains more than we need it to….

  • Create a table in SQL server called Dictionary, and a column called Disallowed.
  • Create a custom macro called GetDictionary, with a return type of List, SELECT * FROM Dictionary
  • In tree view, go to Functions, Modify and modify your password strength function (in my case, it’s called GlobalPwdStrength). Append “%Custom Macro.GetDictionary” to your Dynamic composition search string.
  • The entries are interpeted as html, so, you can use standard words like dog, cat, etc, but you can ALSO use special characters (FYI, look at
    I added this custom macro to an arbitray page so I could display the results of GetDictionary and verify how they are being handled. The entries are handled as html… # is ‘#’, is a space (check link above)
    It STILL allows a space in the password however.

Posted August 25, 2009 by mmdmurphy in Courion Tip

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