Sound cards / multi boot system / drivers

I am currently working on setting up my computer as a multiboot system, and for unrelated reasons, I had to reinstall my Windows Vista partition. My Sound Blaster Live isn’t supported under Vista. It used to work, but my guess is that it’s because I did an upgrade install. A clean install gave me a sound card that wouldn’t work. So, I went to ebay, and bought a cheap sound card from Sim Wai uzlab dot 2008 at yahoo dot com dot hk for under $8.00 – including shipping!! Not only does this have Vista drivers available, but XP, NT, 2000, and Linux! It came today, I took out the old card, install this one, and booted to each operating system. Vista and Server 2003, I had to install drivers. Ubuntu already had the drivers for it (in the kernel?) so all I had to do was select it. I haven’t yet booted to puppy linux, but I am guessing it will also have no issue. Worth every cent, and why can’t someone like Creative Labs update their drivers??
Forgot to mention, it sounds just as good or better than my old sound card. (not that I have perfect hearing….)
Found yet another issue… And this is unconfirmed, but seems like something changes when I boot to Vista… If I boot to Vista, then reboot to Ubunutu, the NVidia driver won’t load?? Anyway, when I get home, I will boot to puppy linux, and copy that /etc/X11/*.config file to my Ubuntu partition…


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