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I changed my theme a couple of times the other day. Probably not a good idea when I look back, but basically I was down for about 2 days. I couldn’t figure it out, drove me crazy. Finally, last night, I found the problem. It was a bad index.php file – I didn’t delve into it beyond that, my goal was to get working again. I REALLY thought my ISP was blocking traffic.

In the process, I learned a few lessons.

#1. Keep my copy of Zoundry Raven updated with all my posts. Hey, these posts aren’t going to save the world, or make me millions of dollars, but they are tips that I’ve come across / come up with / have some value to me.

#2. Looks like work blocks something w/r to Zoundry and wordpress.com…. I could not get Zoundry to connect at all. But, I got home, tried one more time, and it just worked. As soon as I put in my wordpress url (https://mmdmurphy.wordpress.com) it pretty much configured itself from there. Next, I uploaded whatever posts I had to my https://mmdmurphy.wordpress.com. This wasn’t too bad, I would open the post in Zoundry, then click on publish, then select which site to publish to. I wish it would have supported some bulk upload, and maybe it does, but I didn’t find one.

#3. wordpress.com supports an export feature under the tools section. This would have also saved me grief. (By the way, I have mysql doing an export as well, so, I really wouldn’t have lost anything) They also, for something like $10 a year, ‘aliasing’ for lack of a better word… I could have changed my DNS entries to point to mmdmurphy.wordpress.com, and it would have looked like www.mmdmurphy.com…. I’ll keep this in mind in the future.

#4. Don’t make too many changes (bouncing around a dozen themes in one session probably isn’t a good idea), don’t panic, and don’t make assumptions.


Posted February 25, 2009 by mmdmurphy in blogging, freeware, tips

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