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Installed iskoot which is basically a skype client for the blackberry. Torn between saying this sounds silly and this is a great idea. I have a skype account, but I am not always near my laptop at work, or my desktop at home, or I forgot to start it up… So, I’m going to try it. It’s FREE.


I have made only one call using it, worked great. Used Skype chat A LOT, and that also worked great. One odd thing… at the bottom are some buttons you can’t seem to get to… I couldn’t figure out how to get back to my contacts list…Use the ALT key, then the “wheel” to scroll thru them.  From their FAQ

1. What is iSkoot?
iSkoot is free mobile software that delivers the rich features of Skype to your mobile handset. We will be extending support to additional online and social networking communities soon!

2. Why do I need iSkoot software?
With iSkoot software you can take advantage of Skype without being tethered to your PC. iSkoot loads your Skype contact list right on your cell phone display screen, and with just a quick click of a button, you can call your contacts. All you pay for is air time on your mobile phone. You can also make international calls without paying those hefty long distance fees – Internet telephony charges will apply. Talk to anyone around the world for just a few cents a minute: from your cell phone!


Posted February 25, 2009 by mmdmurphy in Blackberry & Cells, freeware, skype, tips

2 responses to “Blackberry, Skype and iskoot

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  1. Cool, please let us know if it works well. Since my LG Lotus has a proprietary OS I don’t think there will be a Skype option for it.

  2. Worked great, highly recommend it.

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