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Obscure your OS Fingerprint

OSfuscate 0.3 by Irongeek is used to camaflouge or obscure your Windows OS. With this tool, it’ll show up like another OS of your choice, nothing at all, or even a printer. OSFuscate could be used if you are on a hostile network and need some sort of cloak while going along in your daily routine. It is important to note that this is not a fool proof method for hiding yourself on a network and should not be relied upon for security. however, as a layer of obscurity in addition to your regular security practices you may want to consider it.

It’s a simple process to set up OSFuscate on your machine. Go to Start->Run->Regedit. Back up your Parameters folder, found under System->CurrentControlSet->Services->Tcpip->Parameters. You can do this by simply right clicking on the folder, and choosing export. This is basically just to keep yourself form messing up your OS in the process and having no way to return it to normal. You’ll notice on Irongeek’s website that certain Parameter Registry keys will be subtly changed. You could do this by hand, but OSFuscate makes this task super simple. Open OSFuscate, and choose an OS that you want to pretend to be. Restart your computer and the differences should be in place! Now if someone running NMap snoops your computer, they’ll see some other OS other than what you actually have.

You can find more information at Irongeek’s Website. And as always, you can email me with any comments or suggestions.

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