Windows 7 woes, GRUB and bootloaders

Downloaded Windows7 beta, and tried to install it. I’ll stand up and say not microsoft’s fault. I have an old PCI SATA controller card that isn’t supported. Even after I found the right drivers, Windows 7 said it couldn’t be installed to my SATA drive. I also have Linux, XP and Vista installed. Well, if you ever loose your boot sector, I found a neat tool called SuperGrub. Basically, you can boot to it and it does a great job finding your partitions and letting you boot to them. I then wrote down the settings it used, and edited my /boot/grub/*.lst file and was able to get everything booting again. What a waste of time.

Note to myself… The lines in the menu.lst to get the Vista bootloader back are:

  • set aux_hd=”hd0″ <- My guess is that this makes the old IDE drive (the old C before the SATA card) look like hd0, the rest of this is straightforward.
  • root noverify(hd0,0)
  • make active
  • chainloader +1
  • boot

Posted January 14, 2009 by mmdmurphy in freeware, Linux, tips, windows

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