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I haven’t used this yet, but thought it was, well, odd… slydial let’s you return someone’s call, but without actually trying to get ahold of them. What do I mean? You feel obligated enough to actually return the call, but dread speaking with them.

Slydial goes straight to their voicemail, without giving them the option of answering.

From http://www.slydial.com/faq.php

Can the person I am slydialing answer the call? Will their phone ring?
No. Don’t worry, slydial calls can NOT be answered. In most cases the person you’re slydialing simply receives a new voicemail alert a minute or so after you leave them a message. With some mobile phones, we are able to display a “missed call” from you (after all you did try to call them!). With this feature, the recipient’s phone may emit an abbreviated “half ring” before going directly to voicemail. In any scenario, rest-assured that the person you are slydialing can not “answer” your call.
So how does slydial make money?
We make our money through in-call advertising and premium services. When you use slydial, you will hear short ads play from one of our partners before we connect you to voicemail. Please rest assured that we do not share your information with any third party (see privacy policy). If you want to use slydial but don’t want to listen to the in-call advertising, then you have an option to upgrade to our paid premium service.

Posted November 18, 2008 by mmdmurphy in Phone calls, tips

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