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Just a note to myself to check this out sometime ->


I am suprised at myself. I have actually been running this for a while now, mostly under my ubuntu 8.1 install, and I think it’s GREAT. I’ve used VMWare in the past, and it’s not really VMWare’s fault, but with Windows XP as the host and all kinds of stuff already loaded, well, I don’t think I had the horsepower to really do it right. Ubuntu seems faster, I don’t have all kinds of stuff running, and virtual box itself seems faster also. What prompted me to update this post? mentioned it… I haven’t upgraded to 2.1.4, but I will soon. I also found (as they did) a bit of humor in having more than 128 virtual machines on one solaris box. (I’m glad to have ONE running!)

* Virtualbox 2.1.4 out – mostly a bugfix release, but
one bugfix caught my eye “# Solaris hosts: fixed inability to start more
than 128 VMs ” (alan)”


Posted October 27, 2008 by mmdmurphy in freeware, tips

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